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Volume 7   -   Issue 1
No Apologies: Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld on Lust, Love and Licentiousness
By SexHerald Staff

There is a thin line between pushing the envelope and breaking boundaries. Those that choose to walk it either become heroes or failures—sometimes both, depending on who’s talking. Either way, the courage and excitement they inspire commands respect, and often attains it. Do Tera Patrick, a would-be doctor turned porn goddess, and Evan Seinfeld, a tattooed Brooklyn-born bassist with a social conscience, fall into this category?

The pair has become the most hardcore, hard-rock couple to attract the public eye since Pam and Tommy took a not-so-private boat ride almost 10 years ago. While it could be speculated that it was the weight of that gaze that drove the Anderson back into Pamela Lee’s name, it is only too apparent that Tera and Evan enjoy waving the red flag at public opinion. SexHerald interviewed them both on a warm, sunny day in Studio City, Calif. where their empire continues to thrive.


SexHerald: Why don’t we start out with how you two originally met?

Evan Seinfeld: I was in New York doing Biohazard’s [my band’s] Kill or be Killed album and filming the sixth season of Oz. I got a call from a mutual friend of ours saying this beautiful woman wanted to meet me. I got a picture of her and I was like, ‘Yeah, right. Like girls that hot really wanna meet me every day.’

Tera Patrick: But, I did want to meet you! I saw you on Oz, and I said (mimicking a southern belle), “That man’s gonna be my husband some day.”

Seinfeld: And, so the rest was history. I flew out to L.A. two months later after talking on the phone with Tera, and—

Patrick: —we got engaged. We met September 4, 2003, we got engaged on Halloween in 2003, and got married at the AVN show in 2004. We actually had three weddings. Our first wedding was at the AVN show, and that was a lot of fun. Alexis Amore was one of my maids of honor, with Mercedez, one of the Vivid girls.

Seinfeld: And Brendan, the president of the Hells Angels in New York City, was my best man.

Patrick: (laughing) It was a real “porn-star/rock-star” wedding.

SH: Sounds like pure romance.

Patrick: It’s funny. I was ready to meet someone when I saw him on TV and was like (high-pitched), ‘Ohhh, you know…I was ready to have a boyfriend’—‘cause I’d been single throughout most of my career—and, I didn’t know he was going to be a big sweetheart. I thought he was just gonna be some crazy… guy in jail, you know? (laughing) I don’t know what I thought. I guess I just thought he was going to be this crazy wild man. And he is a crazy wild man, but he’s also a gentleman and a sweetheart.

SH: I imagine that’s also been an issue for you, Tera; introducing him to friends and family, saying that you’re dating this tattooed guy from Oz. How did they take to that?

Patrick: My girlfriends were funny, because my girlfriends were all like, ‘Oh my gosh… He’s a rock star, he’s been with so many women, he’s gonna break your heart,’ and, ‘you don’t wanna be just another cock-puppet…’ (All laugh) I mean, it turns out that we met—I mean, initially, when we first met, we didn’t leave the house for a couple of days—but, when I started bringing him around my friends and they found out how funny, intelligent, witty and—

Seinfeld: Good-looking.

Patrick: -- and sweet he was, my friend Alexis, to quote her, she said, ‘Ooh, I gotta get me one of those.’ ‘Cause, you know Evan’s a good guy, but he’s a force to be reckoned with. I mean, everywhere we go we get RESPECT.

Seinfeld: We command it and demand it. You know, our life is kind of hectic; constantly flying to Europe—

Patrick: New York …

Seinfeld: --doing stuff with my band. My new TV show on VH1 that Tera’s a big part of (Super Group) airs May 18. Tera and I have so much happening on a day-to-day basis: I’m in the office all day, and most days Tera’s out doing glamour shoots and fashion stuff for her website and for magazines. She just shot for FHM in the U.S., a cover for British FHM… today was big news! Tera came up for her first time ever on the FHM “100 Sexiest List.”

Patrick: Whooeee!

SH: Congratulations, that’s a big honor! Aside from your whirlwind romance of a marriage, you also work together.

Seinfeld: Yes… and no.

Patrick: (laughing) Well, we do work together—in the movies.

Seinfeld: And, we’re each other’s favorite partners; but, we also work with other people as well.

SH: Tera, I understand you tour with Evan?

Patrick: Yes.

SH: Tell me about an adult superstar touring with a rock superstar. What’s that like?

Patrick: When we fist met in September, he literally told me ‘Pack your bag, we’re going on a three-week tour of Europe’; and, I just clapped my hands, I was so excited. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m getting an opportunity to see the world, and I don’t have to do a darn thing!’ I loved it. We would wake up in another city every morning. Evan’s concerts were at night, so during the day Evan started taking pictures of me. That’s how we got the content for my website,, and Teravision to start. It was great. At night, I could be the rock star’s wife and sit on the stage, dance to the music and have a good time. During the day, I was doing photo shoots.

Seinfeld: I was learning as I went. I just bought a camera and some lights and had no fucking idea what I was doing—

Patrick: -- and we recruited the other band members to hold the lights and hold the flags, and the… what do you call the…

Seinfeld: The reflectors.

Patrick: The reflectors!

Seinfeld: And I promoted my roadies, going, ‘Dude, dude, you gotta hold this reflector; I gotta hit the light on.’

Patrick: And they loved it! They were all too eager to work.

SH: I can see why.

Seinfeld: We ended up with almost 100 photos and some magazines started wanting to buy them from us. Right away we got a European Playboy cover, and then a Dutch Penthouse, and an FHM, and it just started going from there.The idea was that we could be together without having to give up anything.

Patrick: We found a way to work together and to be together, and it just turned out like, ‘Hey, why don’t we build a company?’

Seinfeld: It wasn’t like a dream of mine, or even of Tera’s. She was gonna leave the business—not in a bad way; she was just happy being in love and working was the last thing on her mind. We asked around and people told us, ‘Fuck! I own two Tera Patrick movies, and I’ve made millions off of them.’ And so we were like, ‘Fuck—

Patrick: -- let’s do it, too.

Seinfeld: It was kind of a big leap for me to cross over from doing HBO, independent films and music videos to doing porn. But, it was really cool; I mean I can be with Tera at home, but… doing it in front of a big group of people, and scenarios and settings and, you know… It’s a big turn-on.

SH: You have a home in New York as well as in California. How often are you drawn between the two?

Seinfeld: Actually, these days we love it in California. My son lives in New York. So, we go to New York and spend nice family weekends, and it’s kind of quiet. We go to a party or two, and we come right back to L.A. kind of refreshed and recharged. It’s a way to existentialize and look at your big picture and say, ‘I got a million things going on back there, but when I get back the one thing I really wanna do is this.’

SH: Tera, tell us about your current work. What are you excited about?

Patrick: I just completed Reign of Tera 2. I’ve got about 10 of the hottest Asian girls in the industry, including some new girls, and I do a really beautiful girl-girl scene with my former partner-in-crime Charmane Star. And I actually do five scenes in the movie, including an anal scene.

SH: Is this your first anal scene?

Seinfeld: No!

Patrick: It won’t be released first; the first anal scene that will be released will be Teradise Island.

Seinfeld: Which comes out in—

Patrick: —June. And then Reign of Tera 2 will probably be featured at AVN 2007 in January. But in Reign of Tera 2, I do my first boy-boy-girl scene.

Seinfeld: And, I’m not in it.

SH: So here you are, you have this fantastic relationship, very safe within each other’s love. How do you feel when you know that you’re not involved in a scene at all?

Seinfeld: It’s my idea. I cast it. It’s important to me. When Tera decides not to perform anymore, she won’t. But as long as she is, we’re gonna give the fans what they want. When I see a girl in a movie only fuck one guy, I don’t really think that--I mean, it’s pornographic, but I saw a Jessica Drake movie the other day, and she fucked like four different guys in this movie. I was like, ‘That’s fuckin’ hot. That’s porno.’

Patrick: I have to grow with the fans. I’ve built my career on being with other men—being a porn star. They want to see me grow. They want to see me be with other men, with two other men; they wanna see me do anal. If I don’t give that to them, that’s just disappointing them. I don’t want to disappoint anybody.

SH: Do you have a ceiling?

Patrick: I think it’s good to push the limits, but I don’t think it’s good to break people’s boundaries. I mean, I know we won’t be seeing Tera Patrick’s double anal feature, or double vag feature. Those are just things that I don’t want to do on camera. It’s not anything but that I don’t feel comfortable doing it. Anal took so long to do because I didn’t think that I could do it—

Seinfeld: (excitedly) The anal scene in Teradise Island is really hot, but the one we shot on Tera Reigns Again is like pre-nominated for Best Anal Scene. We did like six positions in anal—it runs through a whole myriad of emotions and temperatures.

Patrick: One of the reasons I got into the porn industry in the beginning—started four or five years ago—was because I had a lot of sexual curiosity. It led me down this road, and now I’m interested in other things. It’s five years down the road and I wanna do anal sex. People might find it funny that I live out my sexual fantasies,and I live out my life on the camera.But for me, it’s exciting and erotic, and I think the best part is that in my job I bring a lot of people happiness and excitement, and I’m reminded of that every day.

Seinfeld: Tera and I are very secure in our relationship. She let’s me perform on camera with other girls; I’ve done half a dozen scenes on my own without Tera even there. I think the most important thing in any relationship is—

Patrick: allowing the other person freedom—

Seinfeld: to be themselves. When Tera met me, I was a dog. I was stickin’ it into three or four girls a day, and she never asked me not to be me. By choice, I spend 99 percent of my time in bed with my wife, you know? But I would be lying to myself and the world around me if I said that I still didn’t like to experience strange sex. You know—

Patrick: --oh really, it has to be strange? Okay.

SH: You’re still really a dog; you’re just a legalized dog, aren’t you? You’re still getting your beautiful wife, and you’re getting strange pussy as well.

Seinfeld: --Listen, strange pussy is not overrated! A man’s primal function is to spread his seed. How many of my buddies do I know who are married in the suburbs somewhere, lying to themselves that they don’t wanna fuck every girl they see?

SH: That doesn’t seem to be the current wind of political or social dogma.

Patrick: When I decided to move my husband to the suburbs, I didn’t want him to feel castrated. Every song on the radio is like, ‘I’m sorry I lied,’ ‘I’m sorry I cheated, ‘I’m sorry I fucked your girlfriend.’ I think people can come to an agreement if they just communicate about what they want.

I’ve only done one store signing in my entire career that drew protestors; I think I’ve managed to bring a positive image to porn. Then, marrying someone else who’s also in the public eye, who has a totally different fan base—a lot of his fans are my fans— I think the common thread from that is, ‘You both do what you wanna do.’

Seinfeld: Tera was the vanilla good girl of porn; she always looks classy and pretty in her scenes. A lot of women come up to Tera and say, ‘You know what? I never liked porn, but I like your porn.’ And, I think that helps guys be able to be accepted by their girlfriends or their wives when they bring home a Tera Patrick movie.

Patrick: People see us together and they see not only how much we love each other, but how we’re working toward living our dream. We don’t apologize for what we do, and we don’t apologize to anybody else about what we do. I don’t see the conservatism, I see people being more accepting of porn.

Seinfeld: You hear about it. Certainly the ‘religious right’ has a strong foothold in our government, but at the same time people want what they want. They can censor video stores all they want. They can censor cable TV; it’s all coming in over the Internet.

SH: Do you watch porn together?

Seinfeld: I watch more than Tera does. Now that I live, eat, breathe and sleep the industry, I don’t get the same thing out of it that I used to. If we watch [domestic] porn, then Tera will be giving me a blowjob, or I’ll be jacking off, and then… there’s my friend Evan Stone (Tera laughs). And it’s like, okay… I can’t… really…. You know? We have to have some boundaries about what we’ll watch, for us.

Patrick: Something private; something from Europe where we don’t know anybody.

Seinfeld: Not that we feel bad, we just don’t want porn to not be something stimulating for us. When we watch these beautiful European girls and these good-looking, nondescript European guys fucking, it’s hot to us because it’s not close to home.

SH: Where are you going with your relationship?

Patrick: We moved out to the suburbs about two years ago because I told him I just couldn’t stand being in the city anymore. I love to do everything: the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping…

Seinfeld: She’s domestic.

Patrick: …being in my car. I’m very domestic. But honestly, I don’t want children. In the next few years, as I move behind the camera—I’m actually learning to direct, these days; I’ve been on the set for like 12 to 15 hours a day, learning. I’d like to travel. I’d like to see the world. Not working.

Seinfeld: She’s kind of renewed my lust for travel. I was just about over it when I met her; I was so tired of being on tour. I think she was glad when my kid came with no diapers.

Patrick: Oh, absolutely.

SH: What’s the age difference between you two?

Seinfeld: I’m 10 years older than Tera. We’re not closed minded; we both reserve the right to change our minds. If Tera comes up to me 10 years from now and says, ‘Daddy, I want kids and I want ‘em now,’ then we’re having kids. (Tera laughs) Let’s make no mistake: I may run the office all day, but she’s the boss. Let’s be for real.

Patrick: We’re staying in the suburbs. I see myself, in the next five years, running the company and finding the next big star, and I’d like to put my energy into making great movies; I’d like to continue to model—

Seinfeld: -- I really see Tera in mainstream soon--

Patrick: Making personal appearances…yeah, doing movies. And traveling, too—conquering places I haven’t been to yet. I’d just like to go to places that I’ve only dreamed about.

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