The Top 3 Sex Cam Sites

Ever find yourself scrolling through PornHub for the fifth time this week and can’t seem to find anything worth getting off to? Don’t you ever get bored of just watching a recording of people have sex, and wish there was something better to see?

Well, there is. It’s a beautiful thing called sex cams. They’re actually very popular, and if you’ve never watched a live cam show, you’re missing out. People love watching sex cams not only because they’re live, in real-time with you, but it’s a way more engaging experience. Instead of just watching a guy have sex with your favorite pornstar, you could be watching a girl in real-time and even tell her what to do to herself. Sometimes even famous pornstars broadcast live to interact with fans and give them private shows. Amateurs thrive on cam sites because it’s easy to masturbate in front of the camera, or even have sex with a male friend. Guests are often brought on, and you can see better pairing on cam sites than in traditional porn.

But the best part of it all is that you can interact with the girl on screen instead of watching her. Sex cam sites feature live chat along with the girl’s broadcast, so that you can type messages to her and she can read and respond to them. Sometimes they’ll even do whatever you want them to, and you can also get private shows where it’s just you and her.

Sex cams are way more fun than regular old porn videos, and you won’t have to spend time searching for a good one. If you’re into it and want to watch live broadcasts from some super hot girls, here are three of the best cam sites online.


One of the most popular sex cam sites today is CamSoda. They have the largest variety of free live cam shows available on the internet and hosts some of the top pornstars and cam girls’ shows. There’s a free version of the site you can use, and also a premium version that comes with exclusive adult models. There’s even VR live sex shows! There are over 20,000 models to choose from, and you can engage in 24/7 CamHouse live chats.

CamSoda is both mobile and desktop compatible.


A long-time favorite of many cam enthusiasts is Chaturbate. It’s a completely free sex cam site that has thousands of users and girls broadcasting. You can find pretty much anything you’d want to watch on Chaturbate, all for free. Most sex cam sites restrict your viewing or the things you could do without a premium membership, but not Chaturbate. You can enjoy all this sex cam site has to offer without paying anything, unless you want to tip a lovely lady, of course.


Another leading sex cam site is LiveJasmin, where they have the prettiest girls you’ve ever seen – and they’re all real! They also have some of the best quality cams out there, with free live HD shows happening 24/7. You can get the mobile app to watch cams and see real-time energy data, and LiveJasmin also has VIP private shows you can watch for a price.

The 5 Best Erotic Novels We’ve Ever Read

I love erotic novels, and I know that you do too if you clicked on this article. You naughty nelly.

With so many different erotic novels out there for people like us, it’s tough to choose one from the sea of Amazon books. Luckily for you, I’m going to break down all of my absolute favorites, so that maybe you can get a little taste of some literary loving. Let’s get into it!

The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick

Ah yes, the old sorority sex party trope. I remember when I was in college, and some of my girlfriend’s sorority sisters picked up this book. It was almost like they were under some kind of spell when they were reading it. I guess it was just interesting because the sorority in the book is the same as theirs, but after 200 pages, that interest must lie somewhere else, right?

I like this novel because it offers the reader more than an exciting smut story. It gives the reader insight into the mind of the young woman and her sexual self-discovery. What I’m trying to say is that this book touches on some important messages that you’d normally never find in a book like this.

If you’re worried this book is more about empowering the sexual freedoms of young adults than the real dirty stuff you’re looking for – don’t be. I mean, the name of their sorority is literally “Alpha Phi Fuckem,” so you know their sexual escapades are going to be nothing short of exciting. Check out The Sisters of APF for yourself!

Boyfriend For Hire

This one is really something special. It tells the tale of a male escort from his point of view, ultimately giving the reader a peek into what it’s like to be a man in the escort business – and it’s a hell of a lot more exciting than you’d think.

As you may have guessed, this novel doesn’t just follow this man around as he goes from house to house fucking older women. Instead, it describes his experience with falling in love with one of his clients and having to deal with those emotions head-on.

This novel, written by Kendall Ryan, is so incredibly well-written that you’ll forget you’re reading a dirty book. The scenes never have a dull moment when the protagonist is fucking his way through half a city, only to realize that his feelings for one of his clients trumps the day-to-day earnings of a man in his position. You’ll have a great time getting all hot and bothered to this erotic tale, I promise you.

Misadventures of a Curvy Girl

Believe it or not, overweight people like to fuck too. And there’s no better example of this statement than this intoxicatingly erotic book titled ‘Misadventures of a Curvy Girl.’

This novel, while it might seem so, hardly focuses on the troubles of a curvy girl. Instead, it concentrates on two very fiery romances between three horny young adults. This novel is a great read for any women with a passion for romance, and a desire for self-empowerment. You and your friends will be enthralled in this steamy story as you’ve never been before.

In an age where people come in all shapes and sizes, we all need to lay back and focus more on what makes us cum in general if we want to get anywhere at all – and this book can get you there. Another great feature of this specific novel is how free it is if you have audible! That’s right, you could be getting all worked up for absolutely no cost to you, so why not give it a look? You might find something you didn’t expect.

3 Differences Between Cultures When it Comes to Sex

Sex is unique to every culture. While the act is essentially the same for everyone, how we have sex and what type of sex we’re having differs between cultures. In different parts of the world, people have different kinds of sex every day. What’s customary to you may be utterly absurd to another person somewhere else in the world. But just how much does sex differ in various parts of the world?

Here, we’ll take a look at some surprising facts pertaining to sex in different parts of the world. What you learn may shock or surprise you, and might reassure or contrast with what you thought.

Japan is the Least Sexually Satisfied Country

If you’re familiar with Japan’s culture revolving sex, then it may not surprise you that Japan is the least sexually satisfied country in the world. The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey reported that only 34% of Japanese people have sex weekly, and their dissatisfaction rate is higher than those that are sexually satisfied. One explanation for these results is the history of Japan’s economy and working hours affecting the personal lives of Japanese people, including their sex life. Japan has had some of the longest average working hours in the world, making time for sex less likely.

Also, Japan’s culture discourages women from marrying if they’d like to succeed at work, resulting in a decline in marriages, which leads to less sex, since married people have the most sex. Not to mention the fact that Japan’s economy has seen slow growth and a rise in unemployment, causing stress, which is one of the leading contributing factors of an unpleasant sex life.

Mexico Has the Most Exciting Sex

On the contrary, Durex found that Mexico, along with Nigeria, seems to be having the most exciting sex life. A percentage of 71-80% of people in Mexico reported having an exciting sex life, which beats every other country in the world by a substantial margin. France, for example, although reputed as great lovers, reported only between 31-40% of sexual excitement in their lives. One thing that could be a contributing factor to Mexico’s high sexual excitement is that they also reported having happier sex lives due to feeling respected during the act. In Mexico, 88% of people reported feeling respected during sex, which is higher than anywhere else in the world.

People Masturbate in the Shower the Most

Another global sex survey from Dr. Felix in the U.K. found that 90% of people have masturbated in the shower the most. Other leading locations were on a chair and on a sofa. The survey also found that men masturbate more (95%) than women (89%), which may not be surprising to you, but women are more likely to use a sex toy while masturbating (53%) than men (17%). They also found some of the most popular masturbation fantasies among men and women. For men, oral sex tends to be the thing they fantasize most about during masturbation (88%), while women fantasize most about sex in a romantic location (85%).

3 Surprising Everyday Things that are Aphrodisiacs

Humans have the ability to make love during any season, mostly because we figure out how to shield ourselves from the elements, but also because human is horny pretty much all the time. But why is this?

Well, if I know a thing or two about aphrodisiacs, they’re probably responsible. Let’s check out some of the most common (and effective) everyday aphrodisiacs anybody can find in their home!


One of the most delicious aphrodisiacs of them all is the pepper. But which pepper is the best pepper if you’re trying to get your significant other in the mood for a little tangled tango? The answer: all of them.

Due to peppers’ spicy nature, they have the potential to get your blood pumping faster and harder than usual. They make you sweat, tear up, and sometimes even get you excited. This is because when you eat a pepper your body releases endorphins similar to those produced when you work out, triggering a feeling deep down that brings out your inner sexual demon.

Some cultures believe peppers to be an aphrodisiac because of the appearance of someone who has just eaten one. Swollen lips, red face, and sweating are all physical attributes of someone who has just had sex – so it only makes sense, right?


Yep, that’s right ladies. All that avocado toast you eat can end up making you hornier than ever before. That’s because avocados contain a lot of vitamin E, which is partially responsible for your state of arousal. Vitamin E is also known to make your orgasms more intense for whatever reason, so the next time you eat one, you should test it out!

The only other aphrodisiac that works this well would be pesto. Pesto can give you some butterflies in your tummy for several reasons. One is, the ingredients in pesto (like garlic, basil, and pinenuts) are already powerful aphrodisiacs, so creating a mixture of them all will yield a powerful result in the bedroom.

Just try to remember to brush your teeth first.


Believe it or not, human sweat is the single most powerful aphrodisiac known to man. You don’t necessarily eat it, but smelling it can drive you crazy. Now, I’m not saying that standing around in a men’s locker room is going to get anything pumping for you (or maybe it would, I don’t know) but the smell of another human in some instances can be intoxicating.

When males do a lot of physical activity around the presence of a female, they might be interested in, a line of perspiration comes out from the space right above the upper lip. That sweat isn’t just any sweat, though; it’s a natural human mating hormone.

See, when females smell this sweat, it turns something on in their brains that let them know you’re ready to mate. Now, there’s no way they interpret the sweat in that way, but it has been proven to set off brain reactions in females once they smell it. Weird stuff, right?

15 Unspoken Rules of Casual Sex


Period of casual dating are some of the most fun times I’ve ever had. Sure, I love me a serious relationship or two, but those periods in between serious commitments are fucking fun. Not only do you get to focus on yourself but you get to sample all different kinds of flavors of people!

However, there are a few unspoken words you need to live by if you want to have casual dating (and sexual) success, and if you’re looking for a dedicated fuck friend then you need to take these rules seriously. I took the liberty to write these previously unspoken rules down for you. Read on and become the commitmentless sexual beast you were always meant to be…

1. Learn to roll with rejection
Part of casually hooking up is getting rejected. Whether it being ghosted by a former flame or getting turned down by a cutie at a bar, it’s a part of the game. It’s not fun, but hey, it happens. Don’t throw a fit, just move on.

2. Learn to take a hint to leave
Whether you’re in the middle of Netflix and Chillin’ or you’ve just gotten done banging, your partner might be throwing some signals toward you that you’re not getting… like they want you to leave.
Look out for these signals and leave if you feel like you’ve overstayed you’re welcome.

3. “You guys need anything? Some snacks, a condom?”
Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!
For real though, put a condom on please and thanks. This will save you and your partners a lot of stress. And ladies, please keep condoms on you too.

4. There’s no shame in asking for an encore
Did you have a great fuck last week and need to have a repeat ride? Or are you itching for a round two? Why not ask to “go again, go again”!?

5. Don’t leave anything behind
I know that when the clothes are coming off, it might be difficult to track where your underwear went, but try to keep your things in one place as best as you can. Because if the night goes badly, you don’t want to be calling this person to find your shit, and you don’t want to look like you purposefully were looking for an excuse to hang out again.

6. Talk to multiple people, fuck multiple people, and you’ll fend off the feelz.
If you keep yourself occupied, you won’t have time for feelings.

7. Get tested!
Do I need to elaborate on this one????

8. Don’t stay the night… unless you’re too drunk to drive… or they have a Tempurpedic mattress
Cuddling = Feelings. But sometimes you gotta stay, there’s no shame in that.

9. Feelings? Think about if they’re real or just projections
Think about if you really are starting to like a person or if you just have a rose-colored idea of them in your head.

10. No dates, just hangs
Don’t go out on dates. Go out together and hang.

11. Holidays? Valentines? Spend them alone.
If you’re a little buzzed and you need to bone you can call them… but only after 9 pm.

12. Fucking music > emotional slow jams
I mean you don’t want to fall in love because of one Boyz II Men song, do you?

13. Too drunk to fuck? Fool around and bang in the morning
Don’t risk it! Just bang in the morning!

14. Anal requires preparation!!!
This cannot be a surprise. This requires a 24 HR notice, perhaps a douche, and maybe some poppers.

15. Don’t try to keep it casual if you know you can’t!
If you’re a feelsy boi (or girl) or if you know that you’re going to like someone too much after banging, just be honest with yourself. There’s no shame in being emotional, so long as you’re not a mess!

Top 3 Adult Dating Sites

Are you tired of all the dating apps that cater toward finding “true love”? Are you not looking for your soul mate, rather you’re looking for someone for the night? Do you just – pardon my French – want to fuck?

All you DTF guys who aren’t down to DTR if it’s anything other than a FWB arrangement, boy do I have some websites for you. You no longer need to troll around Tinder hoping to find someone who isn’t looking for a long-term thing.  There are plenty of sites and apps that cater to your desire to get laid immediately, often, and with no strings attached.

Okay, so you’re familiar with Facebook. What if Facebook was entirely more sexy? Well, Fuckbook is just that. Instead of reconnecting with “friends” from high school, that you have no real desire to reconnect with, you can search for people in your area who are ready to bang.

Now that’s the kind of reconnection I’m talking about.

Plus, this site is easy to use, because of how familiar it feels. It’s so wildly similar to Facebook it’s actually quite baffling. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg has a hand in it, who knows?

This site is great because you can find people near you as well as people who are at a considerable distance. So, if you’re not looking to bang, but do everything you can online then this site enables that. This way you don’t have to worry about running into your fuckbuddy around town.

If you’re going on vacation or a business trip but don’t want to go without sex then you also have the ability to find people around where you will be staying when you’re away from home.

Are you all about that 50 Shades hype? Are you really into girls in leather? Or are you just really down with feet?

If you fall into any of the above categories, or anything in-between, check out Fetlife.

Fetlife is also wildly similar to Facebook (Mark Z. are you there?) but it’s for kinky people. If you are a man/woman of “specific tastes” than you should definitely cruise this site. Whether you’re looking for an orgy, an instructional rope tutorial class, or someone to just be outright mean to you for sexual pleasure Kink definitely has all of that and more.

If you have spare money lying around you can choose to “Support” Fetlife and throw some cash their way. If you choose to support you gain access to video content uploaded by users and can scroll further down explore pages and friend feeds.


Are you gay and horny? Well, Grindr is easily the best choice for you.

If you’re looking to find guys near you that are looking to hookup then I suggest you download this free app. This app is probably the premier gay dating/hook-up app as they have the widest, gayest audience out of other dating and hook-up apps.

Download this app to find the perfect bear, otter, twink, jock, or daddy that you’re currently craving.