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Volume 7   -   Issue 1
Squirting: Myth or Reality?
By Shannon Farley

The female orgasm is a mystery to some. The elusive location of the G-spot has baffled lovers and doctors alike. But if one were to slide deeper down the rabbit hole of sexual lore, past the average orgasm, past the G-spot, she would reach “squirting,” otherwise known as female ejaculation or gushing.

Squirting is not a new phenomenon, Numerous historical accounts discuss women ejaculating fluid during sexual arousal and orgasm. The Kama Sutra, one of the oldest texts written about sexual behaviors, includes information about female ejaculation. Ancient Taoists saw the female ejaculation as something necessary for life, and they wanted to understand and explain the purpose of it. Thousands of years ago, writers discussed the female ejaculation as accepted fact. Now, current research is questioning its existence.

Medical science might be reluctant to completely confirm female ejaculation. But, a quick Google or YouTube search will turn up numerous links to videos treating the interested viewer to women ejaculating on camera. The daring might inquire among her friends, and find firsthand accounts of women and their ability to squirt.

What is Squirting?

Squirting is when a woman ejaculates fluid during arousal or orgasm. The fluid squirts from the urethra and the area around it. There are glands near the bottom of the urethra called the Skene’s glands. These glands are surrounded with clitoral tissue, and they release fluid near the urethral opening and even into the urethra. Recent evidence has shown that G-spot stimulation appears to be the ejaculation trigger for the Skene’s glands.

The Skene’s glands in women are believed to be similar to the prostate gland in men. The male prostate gland stores and releases a clear liquid that is part of the seminal fluid and also comes through the urethra. The female ejaculate, just like its male counterpart, is not urine. There are other glands near the female urethral opening, such as Bartholin’s glands, but these glands only release a small amount of liquid, a drop or two, right before orgasm.

What is in the Fluid that’s Produced during Female Ejaculation?

Research on the actual content of a woman’s ejaculated fluid has had mixed results. Some scientists have found it to be similar to urine (although not actual urine). Others have found it to be similar to the fluid that comes from a man’s prostrate gland.

Regardless of what researchers believe the fluid to be, more prostate specific antigen, prostatic acid phosphatase and glucose were found in the female ejaculate (which is the same as in male ejaculate) and less creatinine, which is a waste product from protein that is commonly found in urine. A third theory has said that the fluid is a chemically changed form of urine. This fluid is urine that has been changed by the erotic arousal.   

How Much Fluid is Ejaculated?

Personal testimony on the amount of fluid ejaculated by women can vary. Some women report squirting fluid across the room; however, this is not necessarily the case for every woman, so do not be disappointed if you are unable to accomplish this feat. The Skene’s glands are able to release just a couple drops to as much as a few ounces of fluid at a time. Many jokes have been made about size not mattering for men, and that statement can be modified for women as well when it comes to female ejaculation. The amount of ejaculate is not an important factor when discussing female ejaculation.

Are All Women Able to Squirt?

Technically, all women should be capable of ejaculating due to the presence of the same body parts that are necessary to make squirting possible. Many women may already be ejaculating without even realizing what they are doing. However, research has shown that there are some women cannot find their G-spot and others appear to lack Skene’s glands. Even if a woman does have all the parts necessary, it does not mean that ejaculation will happen the first time it is attempted.

There are many additional factors that will affect a woman’s ability to ejaculate. A woman has to feel comfortable with herself and her sex partner. It is very important that a woman be able to relax when attempting to ejaculate. Women who want to ejaculate will also have to let go any concerns about urinating during sex. Female ejaculation is not urination, but mental acceptance of this fact can be a giant hurdle for women to overcome. Sexual partners of women who are attempting to ejaculate the first few times will need to be patient. However, the end result of female ejaculation is worth the wait.

What are the Benefits of Female Ejaculation?

Similar to the euphoric feeling or release of tension a woman may feel after an orgasm, gushing may also improve a woman’s health. Ejaculation can improve a woman’s libido and can reduce her stress. It can also improve appetite by helping a woman to eat more regularly and it can help maintain a healthy heart.

What are the Problems that can Occur with Female Ejaculation?

The major concern with female ejaculation is that it could be a sign of urinary incontinence. Some women may feel funny about ejaculating and believe they are urinating even though female ejaculate is not the same as urine. There are women who are releasing a liquid during orgasm and arousal may actually have urinary incontinence. If this is a concern for a woman or her partner, the couple should discuss the issue with their doctor.

Another concern for women who ejaculate is the loss of potassium from the body. Potassium is an essential element that is important to maintaining the balance of salt in the human body as well as brain and nerve function. However, this lost potassium is easy to replace by simply eating a banana.

Women who try to force themselves to ejaculate may experience exhaustion or dehydration. It is important for women and their partners to keep expectations realistic. There is no rush to ejaculate. It will happen when the situation is right. Remaining relaxed is the best way to ensure it does happen. To combat possible dehydration, women and their partners should be sure to drink plenty of water after sex.

What Other Theories about the Cause of Female Ejaculation Exist?

Other research has demonstrated how the female bladder expands during arousal and some scientists have theorized that this could also be the source of female ejaculate. To explain the fact that female ejaculate is different than urine, even though it comes from the bladder, scientists theorize that the release of the hormone aldosterone during sexual excitement, which affects the salt and water retained by the kidneys, changes the urine via chemical reaction.

Whether you refer to it as gushing, squirting or female ejaculation, any woman can attempt it. Scientists may still doubt the existence of female ejaculation, yet thousands of years of history have confirmed that it does happen. Despite the lack of rigorous scientific evidence, there are many Internet videos to prove it. To keep your ejaculation experience pleasurable, do not expect miracles and gallons of fluid the first few times you try to ejaculate. Stay relaxed and enjoy the sensual and sexual experience, whatever the outcome. It will improve your chances for experiencing the phenomenon!

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