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Volume 7   -   Issue 1
Masturbation v. Intercourse: Which is More “Satisfying?”
By SexHerald Staff

In a study involving human volunteers, scientists found intercourse is more “satisfying” than masturbation via a link that appears to connect with their finding.

After an orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released in both males and females. This hormone brings on the euphoric feeling of being “satisfied” after sex; in reality, prolactin effects dopamine, another hormone released during erotic stimulation.

A scientist from the University of Paisley in England and another from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich calculated prolactin levels in both men and women as they watched adult films and masturbated or had intercourse to the point of orgasm.

Prolactin levels in blood were 400 percent higher in both men and women after orgasm with intercourse than from masturbation alone. The scientists conclude reaching orgasm with a partner is more fulfilling than through masturbation. They also touched upon a link between elevated levels of prolactin to erectile dysfunction; they think the link is the reason why men need a recovery time after ejaculation.

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