Top 3 Adult Dating Sites

Are you tired of all the dating apps that cater toward finding “true love”? Are you not looking for your soul mate, rather you’re looking for someone for the night? Do you just – pardon my French – want to fuck?

All you DTF guys who aren’t down to DTR if it’s anything other than a FWB arrangement, boy do I have some websites for you. You no longer need to troll around Tinder hoping to find someone who isn’t looking for a long-term thing.  There are plenty of sites and apps that cater to your desire to get laid immediately, often, and with no strings attached.

Okay, so you’re familiar with Facebook. What if Facebook was entirely more sexy? Well, Fuckbook is just that. Instead of reconnecting with “friends” from high school, that you have no real desire to reconnect with, you can search for people in your area who are ready to bang.

Now that’s the kind of reconnection I’m talking about.

Plus, this site is easy to use, because of how familiar it feels. It’s so wildly similar to Facebook it’s actually quite baffling. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg has a hand in it, who knows?

This site is great because you can find people near you as well as people who are at a considerable distance. So, if you’re not looking to bang, but do everything you can online then this site enables that. This way you don’t have to worry about running into your fuckbuddy around town.

If you’re going on vacation or a business trip but don’t want to go without sex then you also have the ability to find people around where you will be staying when you’re away from home.

Are you all about that 50 Shades hype? Are you really into girls in leather? Or are you just really down with feet?

If you fall into any of the above categories, or anything in-between, check out Fetlife.

Fetlife is also wildly similar to Facebook (Mark Z. are you there?) but it’s for kinky people. If you are a man/woman of “specific tastes” than you should definitely cruise this site. Whether you’re looking for an orgy, an instructional rope tutorial class, or someone to just be outright mean to you for sexual pleasure Kink definitely has all of that and more.

If you have spare money lying around you can choose to “Support” Fetlife and throw some cash their way. If you choose to support you gain access to video content uploaded by users and can scroll further down explore pages and friend feeds.


Are you gay and horny? Well, Grindr is easily the best choice for you.

If you’re looking to find guys near you that are looking to hookup then I suggest you download this free app. This app is probably the premier gay dating/hook-up app as they have the widest, gayest audience out of other dating and hook-up apps.

Download this app to find the perfect bear, otter, twink, jock, or daddy that you’re currently craving.

Check out the video below to learn more about this!