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Volume 7 - Issue 1
Sex in Each Culture

Syncretism. It’s when two opposing forces and principles try to fuse so that a working model emerges; usually, complete fusion is impossible and what results is a different structure taken from the two disparate components.

There are many factors that go into structuring a culture’s society. Much like many post-colonial literatures from nations that were once under British rule, the sexual traditions of each culture is varied and unique. Imagine the influence of modern Western religious belief of monotheism combined with the ancient Greeks’ belief of many gods. An attempt to reconcile the two philosophies—even if it’s only half-successful—would give birth to an entirely different entity. Religion is only one aspect of a culture. Throw in the nation’s traditional garb, ethnic food, moral values, history of conquest, institutions, and you have a smorgasbord of possible sexual outcomes.

Sex, apart from other basic necessities like food and water, is what every culture has in common. Yet, each culture’s sexual practices—whether courting rituals, preference for foreplay, or the extensive use of sex toys during intercourse—don’t appear out of thin air on a whim. As much as humans are driven by the need to create—whether babies or ideas—anthropologists will tell you there are other forces at work.

Sex in Each Culture is a column designed to delve into the sexual history of a chosen culture. Some of what we discover may be old wives’ tales that turned out to be true; other facts may lead to wonderful epiphanies and just might enlighten the ordinary reader in a titillating way. Either way, the deeper we go, the more rewarding it’ll be.

Cyprus: Keeping Time with its Libertine Past

Chez Shadman

Cyprus falls in the middle of a region that once used to boast as much decadence as it did victorious conquests. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa, the island has seen and been influenced by many ancient cultures, including Persian, Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and, more recently, British. The country gained independence in 1960, but civil war and strife between Turkish and Greek Cypriots continued for decades until the country was divided into two regions, Greek and Turkish-ruled. Today, Greek Orthodoxy and Islam are the predominant religions practiced on the island, leaving very little room for decadence of any kind—especially of a sexual nature.
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Morocco: On the Verge of a Sexual Revolution, Or Is It?

Chez Shadman

The country of Morocco as we know it has been around since its independence in1956, but the history of that region extends far into a past filled with conquest, empire building, and exotic traditions. While today’s Morocco is a far cry from the Phoenician, Roman, or Byzantian cultures that once consumed the region with war, conquest and expansion, today’s Morocco definitely celebrates a decadent culture full of music, dance, food and a stifled sexuality that is dying to break out in spite of religious norms and cultural taboos.
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Colombia: Catching Up With its Past

Chez Shadman

Colombia’s sexual history existed far before the country even received its name. In fact, the religion and machismo that seem to permeate through Colombian culture today are a far cry from the pre-Colombian era during which the region’s indigenous people practiced a more open and free form of sexuality—one that would make even the most sexually progressive countries today cower in shame. But before one even tries to understand the sexual customs of modern-day Colombia, it is necessary to understand the different cultures of the past that have combined to form the rich culture of modern-day Colombia—that is, Spanish, African and Indian cultures.
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Fiji: Island of Sensual Delights

Jasmine Brown

Fiji, or the Republic of Fiji Islands, is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It has a long history of many languages, conquerors, governments and religions. Fiji is truly a land of change, beauty and tradition. Fijian culture has a host of influences; English, Indian and Polynesian being just some of them. There also exist deeply rooted traditions which make this land unique, despite a willingness to adapt. Considered by many an exotic paradise, Fiji is also home to a rather impressive military force and a strong presence in the United Nations.
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