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Volume 7   -   Issue 1
Positions - Spread Eagle
By SexHerald Staff
Spread Eagle

Getting a bit creative here, I offer a semi bondage-specific position. This is a classic posture for those wishing to tie their lover up for the first time. Many bondage manuals suggest that tying someone to something is not the best idea for a first time experience, but if there is trust between the partners and a quick and easy way for the tied-up party to be released if necessary (squeeze-release clips, paramedic scissors, or spring-type metal clips are best), this is one of the easiest. Using soft all-cotton rope, leather or Velcro cuffs, or some bathrobe sashes (watch that you don’t use something that could chafe or easily cut off circulation – those silk scarves are deceptive!), affix your lover’s wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed.

Your lover should be lying face-up, arms and legs straight but not locked. Be sure to wrap the binding material around the wrist, then attach the end to the bedpost – do not put the wrist directly against it! This leaves the front of your lover’s body deliciously open and vulnerable to whatever you might want to do – oral stimulation, vaginal or anal intercourse (though the latter is a bit difficult in this position), or just a long, slow teasing session. SpreadEagle
Remember – never leave a tied-up person alone!

Difficulty: 2

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