15 Unspoken Rules of Casual Sex


Period of casual dating are some of the most fun times I’ve ever had. Sure, I love me a serious relationship or two, but those periods in between serious commitments are fucking fun. Not only do you get to focus on yourself but you get to sample all different kinds of flavors of people!

However, there are a few unspoken words you need to live by if you want to have casual dating (and sexual) success, and if you’re looking for a dedicated fuck friend then you need to take these rules seriously. I took the liberty to write these previously unspoken rules down for you. Read on and become the commitmentless sexual beast you were always meant to be…

1. Learn to roll with rejection
Part of casually hooking up is getting rejected. Whether it being ghosted by a former flame or getting turned down by a cutie at a bar, it’s a part of the game. It’s not fun, but hey, it happens. Don’t throw a fit, just move on.

2. Learn to take a hint to leave
Whether you’re in the middle of Netflix and Chillin’ or you’ve just gotten done banging, your partner might be throwing some signals toward you that you’re not getting… like they want you to leave.
Look out for these signals and leave if you feel like you’ve overstayed you’re welcome.

3. “You guys need anything? Some snacks, a condom?”
Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!
For real though, put a condom on please and thanks. This will save you and your partners a lot of stress. And ladies, please keep condoms on you too.

4. There’s no shame in asking for an encore
Did you have a great fuck last week and need to have a repeat ride? Or are you itching for a round two? Why not ask to “go again, go again”!?

5. Don’t leave anything behind
I know that when the clothes are coming off, it might be difficult to track where your underwear went, but try to keep your things in one place as best as you can. Because if the night goes badly, you don’t want to be calling this person to find your shit, and you don’t want to look like you purposefully were looking for an excuse to hang out again.

6. Talk to multiple people, fuck multiple people, and you’ll fend off the feelz.
If you keep yourself occupied, you won’t have time for feelings.

7. Get tested!
Do I need to elaborate on this one????

8. Don’t stay the night… unless you’re too drunk to drive… or they have a Tempurpedic mattress
Cuddling = Feelings. But sometimes you gotta stay, there’s no shame in that.

9. Feelings? Think about if they’re real or just projections
Think about if you really are starting to like a person or if you just have a rose-colored idea of them in your head.

10. No dates, just hangs
Don’t go out on dates. Go out together and hang.

11. Holidays? Valentines? Spend them alone.
If you’re a little buzzed and you need to bone you can call them… but only after 9 pm.

12. Fucking music > emotional slow jams
I mean you don’t want to fall in love because of one Boyz II Men song, do you?

13. Too drunk to fuck? Fool around and bang in the morning
Don’t risk it! Just bang in the morning!

14. Anal requires preparation!!!
This cannot be a surprise. This requires a 24 HR notice, perhaps a douche, and maybe some poppers.

15. Don’t try to keep it casual if you know you can’t!
If you’re a feelsy boi (or girl) or if you know that you’re going to like someone too much after banging, just be honest with yourself. There’s no shame in being emotional, so long as you’re not a mess!