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Volume 7   -   Issue 1
Behind the Scenes with Kurt Lockwood
Behind the Scenes with Kurt Lockwood

Pornís No. 1 Stud on Western Civilizationís Decline, Getting it in the Ass and More

by Robin Perez

SexHerald: How did you come up with the concept for the Decline of Western Civilization Part 69: The Porno Years?

Kurt Lockwood: From the original Decline of Western Civilization documentaries, directed by Penelope Spears, who went on to Wayneís Worldís fame and fortune. Thatís how she got her start. One is in the late 70s, and one is in the mid-80s, her original Decline movies. The first one deals with the early L.A. punk-rock sceneóits great bands like the Germs, Gear, Black Flag. The second movie dealt with the glam-metal scene that was in L.A. at the time. I had been playing in bands a lot and stuffóI was Dee Dee Ramoneís guitar player before he diedóso, I always wanted to be in one of those movies. I heard that the music documentaries she originally made, the producers, the people who gave her the money to make them, at first wanted her to make a porno movie but she did those movies instead. I thought, ĎWouldnít it be neat if I did a third version, another installment of it, and this time we really do a porn,í which was the original intent of the first ones. This time, what I wanted to do was not focus so much on music but on my idea that there is a scene going on in L.A. Itís not so much a music scene as thereís a porn scene happening which is just as legitimate. There are a couple of porn stars who happen to play in bands. I thought I could keep that element of itóthe punk rock Ďn rollóand at the same time, I can add in all the sex. So, sort of have my cake and eat it, too.

SH: Describe then what The Decline of Civilization Part 69 is truly about?

Lockwood: I think itís a new thing. I call it a pornumentary where it is a slice of life, a moment caught in time, a snapshot caught in time kind of thing, where I do show not only a hot, awesome orgy sex sceneówhere I have two orgies in there, DPs and girls with strap-on, everything to try to make it really crazy sexóin addition you get to see behind the scenes. You get to see us going to AIM and getting our blood tested for STDs. You get to see us talking in front of the camera and getting beyond . . . it humanizes us instead seeing these two-dimensional sex puppets going at it. It shows you that weíre real people as well, with hopes and dreams and problems just like everybody else. The humanization of it, I liked showing the background of everybody. The whole idea of it was, we did this benefit concert. We raised $5,000 for charity, for detox programs for our industry and my thesis for the movie was, not only is there a scene but we do things like the charity event. You see us giving the check. Thereís more to us than just whatís going on. Hopefully, that makes the sex scenes even hotter because itís hotter to see who we are as people rather than just an anonymous person.

SH: Earlier this year, you starred in Devinn Laneís Guide To Strap On Sex. How Did Devinn convince you to do it?

Lockwood: [Laughs] Four thousand little reasons, and they each had George Washington on them.

SH: Would you do it again?

Lockwood: I have. I just did one for Tristan Taorminoís new Vivid movie. And I did another one also for L.A. Vice, that movie that I have coming out. And, Iím also going to shoot one for Belladonna.

SH: Have you gotten a lot of flack for doing that from your porn colleagues?

Lockwood: The only people who have said anything really are those Internet haters. Those assholes who write about our industry who arenít even a part of our industry, and they donít live here and they donít live in New York, or anyplace thatís progressive or open-minded. Theyíre the only ones who have really had anything to say and I donít care. Iím crying all the way to the bank. Iím not here to win . . . I already got my AVN Awards. Iím not trying to win prom king of porno high school. Iím trying to make my money. Right now, Iím sort of a specialty niche of one in the business. I make more per [strap-on] scene than just about any girl does in the business for anything. I made $4,000 for a [strap-on] scene [than] for doing anything. Itís all about the money for me. I love the sex but the bottom line is: Iím making a lot of money.

SH: Whatís the best and worst thing about being a male porn star?

Lockwood: The best thing is the fans. I have really awesome fans who are really supportive fans through email exchanges. I meet a lot of them at the conventions and take pictures. Just to feel the appreciation from the fans because those are the ones who are putting out the money for what you do. In the end, we really do what we do for the people who buy the tapes and the DVDs. These goes out there and are duplicated thousands and thousands of times. When people like a scene, they watch it several times and they develop a connection with you. Itís just nice that at the end of the day nothing that I do is hurting anyone. Iím making people live better in a small way. Iím not Mother Teresa but itís the gratitude from the fans that let me know that Iím actually doing something with my life thatís helping others. Iím putting good in the world.
As far as the bad goes, itís not so much bad, itís just the sadness you see around you that you sort of have to . . . For myself, Iím a very caring, giving person. I see somebody whoís in trouble I immediately want to help them. Itís been a real effort for me to work against that instinct to help people and to sort of let people realize that I canít save everybody. The hard part to swallow about that is that nine times out of 10, they donít want your help. They take it like, ďFuck you!Ē Itís that element you have to deal with, too. I think thatís the hardest thing, the sadness of realizing that Iíve had to stop being so nice. It forces you to give up some of your niceness, some of your caring, part of your empathy for other people that just by the nature of the beast you have to assimilate a little bit. Part of that assimilation is becoming a little colder, a little less caring, and itís a shame.

SH: If you had to make a list of the most beautiful women in porn, who would be on that list?

Lockwood: [Laughs] Well of course, first and foremost, I have to say my girlfriend, Samantha Ryan. Not only because she is the most gorgeous but also because she will also cut my dick off if I donít say her first. I really like Sandra Romain. Harmony is awesome. There are so many, I can go on and on. I gotta say Belladonna. Lauren Phoenix is great. Savannah Samson is awesome, Briana Banks is awesome. Ginger Lynn is greatÖ

SH: So, do you plan on directing more?

Lockwood: Oh yeah. Thatís definitely where my future lies. I love directing, I have a lot of visions, a lot of ideas. Iím a very creative guy. After I do the sequel to Decline, the next thing Iím going to shoot is a Boogie Nights-themed film, with everybody in 70s outfits. Iím going to play Dirk Diggler and my girlfriend will be Rollergirl. Get Ron Jeremy to play the Burt Reynoldsí character. I just want to do fun stuff like that. I want to do these things because weíve lost the 18-34-year-old audience in porn. With the Internet, the porn consumer has become more hip than the people who are creating the product. Weíre still shooting the same movies that we did for the last 10-15 years. I said we gotta flip the script, we gotta reinvent ourselves. We canít keep seeing the same look on the girls, same sexual positions, the same setups. With Decline, I wanted something that when youíre partying with your friends and you have a party in your house, you can put that on and it plays with a perfect background. Thereís music, thereís sound effects, thereís orgy stuff. Itís the perfect party video. Thatís what I was sort of making it for, for that next generation of porn consumer. Theyíre a lot kinkier than we are now. The female market is blowing up because girls donít have to go into the sleazy DVD store anymore. Girls with their credit cards go online and get whatever movies they want. I get tons of email from girl fans and itís crazy just how much that market is blowing up now because you take out the shame factor. The girl doesnít have to be ashamed to go in the store and buy it. She can just get it over the Web and nobody knows. [The female market] is a really incredibly fast growing element to our business.

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