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Volume 7 - Issue 1
Behind Closed Doors
Title: Behind Closed Doors
Studio: Central Park Media
Genres:: Hentai
Reviewer: Sexherald Staff
Behind Closed Doors
Reviewed by Sexherald Staff

Behind Closed DoorsNagy here. Behind Closed Doors kind of surprised us. Given the maid on the cover’s “please, don’t” expression, we assumed that this DVD would be the usual female-harassing flick often associated with “horror” Hentai. But while there was plenty of that, there was also plenty of sex acts in which all participants actually wanted to be involved, which was a very pleasant surprise.

Behind Closed DoorsThe feature is divided into three “episodes,” all of which are included on the DVD—another nice surprise. Our story starts with Kenichi and his girlfriend, Yoshino, in their house, and within seconds the two lovebirds are going at it. Eventually, we learn that Kenichi had won a contest that Yoshino had actually entered him in, and to claim the prize the happy couple must follow some GPS directions to an undisclosed location.

We never actually learn what the “prize” is, and it’s unclear whether Kenichi and Yoshino even know what it’s supposed to be, but that’s neither here nor there. They follow the directions and end up at a big ol’ creepy mansion on a hill. They go in, and the maid invites them to stay the night and claim their prize in the morning—an offer they accept. What follows is another completely consensual sexual romp featuring the crazy kids, only this time (unlike their earlier, at-home fun) Yoshino doesn’t make Kenichi pull out, and she even lets him in the backdoor. Kenichi digs it at the time, but then starts to think something’s amiss.

In the morning, we meet many more characters, including the matron of the mansion, her young daughter and some female staff. Kenichi and Yoshino go wandering around the mansion and stumble onto a library of bondage and S&M books. We later meet a “nurse” and her patient, and learn from the matron that this is—in her words—“a house of torture, oppression, humiliation, violation.” Yoshino is turned into a sex slave, and Kenichi gives in to his animal instincts and starts to enjoy whipping women.

Young couple stumbles onto an old mansion where all kinds of perverse sex acts are taking place. Yes, we’ve seen this before, and I half-expected Meatloaf to show up on a motorcycle to sing “Hot Patootie.” There was also one cut scene of a door opening to a blackened room that was used about a dozen times, which was pretty funny. But the film did have a nice (if predictable) twist at the end, when another young couple showed up, presumably to be given the same treatment.

The animation was good. Clean motion, good-looking characters, nice shading, overall it was very pleasant to watch. The sex scenes were done quite well, although the sloshy-squishy sound effects and foamy “results” were admittedly a little odd. The English voice acting was also quite good, with Kenichi being a standout. He’s credited as having been voiced by a “Jean Matthews” but (just like in Angel Blade where he was credited as “Sandy Parks”), it sounds an awful lot like Yu-Gi-Oh’s Dan Green.

The sex scenes were generally very good in this one. Even the BDSM scenes were up to par, and the movie did thankfully exercise restraint where necessary. And for those who like their Hentai a little odder, there’s breast milk, there’s piss in a bucket, and there’s a full (and vigorously shaken) bottle of mountain dew up the ass. Good clean fun.

Overall, we liked this one. They could have done a lot more with the plot, and maybe given us a scene or two with a woman dominating a man, but as far as horror Hentai goes, this was one of the better features we’ve seen. Anyone into domination and whipping and the like will definitely get a kick out of Behind Closed Doors. But even those who aren’t might still enjoy it.


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