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Volume 7   -   Issue 1
Nude Modelís Peruvian-Flag-Horse Shoot May Trot Her to Jail
By SexHerald Staff

Lacey Zamudio or Leysi Suarez, as she is commonly known, may be in line for some jail time following last week’s release of the premiere issue of D´Farándula (Showbiz) in Peru. The Peruvian model and dancer was shown posing nude on the cover sitting on a horse while using the Peruvian flag as a saddle.

The local magazine cover immediately caused a political uproar as Peru’s Defense Minister Antero Flores said the nation’s red and white flag “demanded respect” and that she “must be punished.” Flores has since hired a public prosecutor to take the case.  

Suarez, who was sporting a cowboy hat while cupping her breast with one arm, reacted to the bad publicity by saying that she did not commit a crime. She also said she loves Peru with ‘all her heart and soul.”

On Tuesday, Suarez met with Flores and formally apologized for her recent actions. It is not clear whether or not Flores will go through with the charges, especially after the celebration of Peru’s 187th anniversary of their independence from Spain.

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